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Sunday, June 8, 2014


I made these when I was nine years old and they are still hanging in a metal, antique scale in my mom's home. I took these photos of them while I was visiting last week. My aunt taught me how to make them and I still remember the experience after all of these years. They are made with crumbled up newspaper and wrapped in masking tape. For color, I used glue and water (no such thing as ModPodge then) and layered color tissue paper on top.
They crack me up. Heaven only knows what I was thinking when I made the "turnip"! It looks like more of a combination of a beet and who knows what. I did the best that I could, being only 9. I was especially interested to see how my art style has not changed much after all of the years have passed. 

                                             Great memories.

In case you cannot recognize what they are supposed to be... in order, they are; a cauliflower, a turnip, a carrot, an orange, the whole group of them all together and a watermelon slice.
I still use this method when making things like birds, people, flowers, etc. Only now I use acrylic paint to decorate them with and seal them with a clear coat to protect them. The ones above are not sealed with anything and they have held up for nearly a half of a century. Pretty amazing.


  1. These are really kewl, Tracy. I remember making these things too. Also remember taping a bottle with masking tape pieces, then coloring it with something brown...maybe my dad's shoe polish. Could that be? The bottle then would hold a candle. This method of crumpled paper and tape is lots more fun than the messy papier mache I used to do. Thanks for sharing this memorable art.

  2. These really crack me up. Especially the "turnip"!
    Yah, I remember making something like what you are describing! Sounds like we never had idle hands, did we? Creativity is a natural energy that we all possess, unfortunate for those who do not access theirs...usually happens over time, with age.


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