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Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Journal

I am really excited about this pARTy and for all the deliciousness to come from all of you amazing women!

Thought I'd share the journal I made (first one I've ever made myself and I learned a few things along the way).
This was the book before (this image is from Ebay as I'd forgotten to take a before pic). I've had the book since early childhood and it was scribbled in and falling apart.....I don't know where my Mom got it but it was from 1926.  Anyway...
I took all the pages out and reinforced the spine with gaffer tape. I made 3 signatures using heavy weight file folders cut to size and Fabriano Watercolor paper. Sewing them to the spine was a learning curve, I plan to practice....but it will be fine.
The cover isn't quite finished yet.
I would love to see others posted here!
Thank you Gemma for organizing this!



  1. That is awesome Lisa. Your art is always so beautiful.

  2. Thought I'd commented here...This LOOKS awesome Lisa.LOVE it!


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