SI*STARhood of the traveling journals

Monday, January 27, 2014


Except for a couple of pages I am still working on,
my journal is ready to go.
It's glitzy, becuz I love glitz,
altho the glitter doesn't show much here
It's a journal of ARTISTIC FREEDOM
where you can create anything
your artsy heart desires.
It's made from the soft covers of a composition book.
There are pages of watercolor paper,
smooth Bristol,
pages of Dr. Seuss which I have lightly gessoed to accept most media,
neon cardstock,
pastel paper,
real canvas,
and a pocket chock full of STUFF to be used...anywhere.
This IS my first altered book so I am crossing my fingers
it does not fall apart because I know I didn't sew it right...
I just know I didn't....
er...I don't THINK so...
Anyway, I'll be kissing it goodbye soon and sending it on its
extraordinary journey to be filled with art and love.


  1. This is wonderful Judie. It will be so fun to share art with you this way. I am excited. Love that you included all of that stuff. Great idea.

  2. Your journal is FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL. I loved arting it up!


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